Traditional Chinese Medicine Jianfu


Traditional Chinese Medicine Jianfu

How to decoction at home after taking Chinese medicine from the hospital?

  Then, apply cold water to soak each dose of Chinese medicine for 1 hour before decoction; first cook with Wuhuo, and then boil with gentle fire.

Wuhuo refers to the frying method in which the fire is rapid, the fire is fierce, the temperature rises quickly, and the water evaporates quickly.

Wenhuo refers to the frying method with slow fire, weak firepower, small temperature change, and slow evaporation of water; one dose per day, three frying per dose, the head frying for 30 minutes; two frying for 20 minutes; three frying for 10Minutes, take a total of about 750 ml of juice, and take it in three times; take Chinese medicine should take into account the daily three meals, that is, Qi Qi Xiao, take medicine, medicine Qi Xiao, eat, the medicine time is generally scheduled at 10 am, 4 pm daily, 9pm.

  When taking Chinese medicine, you should also pay attention to the following issues: first, regular life and emotional stability; second, avoid tobacco and alcohol, avoid spicy and greasy; third, ensure 1-2 eggs a day.