Pediatric cold starts with clearing lung heat

Pediatric cold starts with clearing lung heat

Core tip: In the whole process of colds, “getting angry” (lung fever) is fundamental and enters a decisive role. Therefore, prevention of colds in children must start with clearing the lung heat.

  The main fur of the lungs, the fiery evil of the lungs can be emitted with sweat and other hair through hair skills. Once you feel the evil of wind and cold, the hair evil is blocked by the cold evil.Formed the most common type of cold-cold pack heat syndrome, that is, cold outside and heat inside.

  What is the manifestation of pediatric pulmonary fever?

  ① Eyes.

When getting up in the morning, the eyelashes are stuck by the eye secretions, which makes it difficult for children to open their eyes.

  ② heavy breath.

It is bad breath, which can be noticeably smelled near the child’s skin.

  ③ Sore throat.

Sore throat and red and swollen tonsils.

  ④ Lips are red.

Like lipstick, it’s red.

  ⑤ The tip of the tongue is red.

The tip of the tongue is obviously redder than the tongue, and there are even many bright red dots.

Some children have ulcers on the tip or body of the tongue.

  ⑥ Map tongue.

Many children’s tongue coatings are exfoliated piece by piece, as irregular as a map (due to extreme heat and shade).

  ⑦Stool is dry and stinky.

Stools are hard and hard. Some children flush with small faces and tears in their eyes when they poop. Some children poop once every two days or once every few days.

The stools of these children have a particularly strong odor.

  As long as two or more of the above-mentioned seven situations occur, it indicates that the fiery body in children has formed.

A cold can happen at any time if the heat and fire are not cleared in time.

  How to clear lung heat?

  ① Pay attention to diet and drink plenty of water.

Water can make fire, drink more water, urinate more, and promote the discharge of fiery evil.

The diet should be light, moderate, and easy to digest.

Otherwise, it is easy to cause food accumulation, which can easily cause fire and aggravate the heat in the body.

It is forbidden to eat foods or medicines that help fire, such as mutton, dog meat, sea urchin, durian, puffed food, barbecue, spicy, ginseng, sea cucumber, etc. Consumption of these foods may add oil to the fire and make the internal fire become more and more powerful.

  ② Choose some Chinese patent medicines: Qingre Jiedu Oral Liquid, Xiaoer Qingfei Huatan Oral Liquid, Xiaoer Qingre Zhike Oral Liquid, Wang’s Baochi Pill, Qizhendan, can also replace Fangfeng Tongsheng Pill or Huanglian Shangqing Pill.

  ③ Take some herbal tea.

Because herbal tea contains honeysuckle, kudingcha and other traditional Chinese medicines for heat and detoxification.

  ④ Small prescriptions that can clear heat, detoxify, and laxative effects: Ophiopogon japonicus, raw land, 30g each of black ginseng, 1 Luo Han Guo, add 2 small pieces of rock sugar, 500ml decoction, replace tea, one dose per day.

The medicine can clear heat and laxative, has good taste, sweet taste and not bitterness, and is very suitable for children to take a cold.

  In short, as long as you pay attention to the child’s bowel movements, changes in tongue texture and tongue coating, changes in lips color, and tone of breath, etc., you can find out if the child is on fire (the formation of internal heat) in time, and can take countermeasures in time to removeThe fire inside the body can effectively prevent the occurrence of colds in children.