Use electric blankets more cautiously in cold weather

Use electric blankets more cautiously in cold weather

Electric blankets, also known as electric blankets, are ideal heating supplies for families in winter.

However, improper use can cause allergic dermatitis, especially infants and young children, and prolonged use of electric blankets can easily cause dehydration.

  In the case of allergic dermatitis, implantation is the continuous heat dissipation of the electric blanket during use, which evaporates and dries the human skin’s moisture; the replacement is due to the irritation of the skin by the pyrogen itself, which causes allergies to the skin of some people, causing itching, or the bodySmall papules of various sizes appear, bleeding, scratching, and desquamation can occur after scratching.

This symptom begins with the human hips and gradually spreads throughout the body.

It often makes people suffer from headaches, itching, sleeplessness, and affects rest and work.

  Dehydration of infants and young children is because children are in the period of growth and development. The amount of water supplement should be higher than that of adults in terms of weight. Electric blankets are used excessively and for too long, which causes children to lose too much water and cause dry throat and hoarseness., Irritability and other symptoms of dehydration.

How to prevent these two diseases?

  The first is that the electric blanket should not be in contact with the human body, and a blanket or sheet should be laid on it; the second is that the power-on time should not be passed. Generally, the power is heated before going to bed.

Under no circumstances should it be used overnight, especially infants.

  Third, people with allergic reactions try not to use electric blankets.

When the child is dehydrated, as long as he does not have a fever or cough, he can give the child a glass of water first. If the child is still upset, he should be sent to the hospital for treatment.

In case of dermatitis, to cancel the electric blanket, chlorpheniramine, cyproheptadine and other drugs should be taken orally.

  Fourth, those who regularly use electric blankets should increase the amount of drinking water.