There are many hidden dangers to dinner, have you noticed

There are many hidden dangers to dinner, have you noticed

Dinner and dreams.

Insulin, liver, gallbladder, plasma and other intense work after a full meal will generate information to the brain, which is the activation of cells in the corresponding part of the brain. Once the excited “wave” spreads to other parts of the cerebral cortex, it will cause a variety of variousKind of dream.

Nightmares often make people feel tired, and over time, they can cause diseases such as neurasthenia.

  During dinner and high blood pressure, the concentration of amino acids and fatty acids in blood glucose and blood will increase, thereby promoting a large amount of insulin secretion, while people generally have little activity at night, low heat energy consumption, and excess calories are anabolic under the effect of injection, graduallyMake people fat.

Therefore, the dinner for middle-aged and elderly people should be light, and the conversion injected by dinner exceeds 30% of the total conversion throughout the day, which is beneficial for preventing and controlling obesity.

  Dinner and diabetes, repeatedly stimulating a large amount of insulin secretion, will often cause the burden of insulin B cells to increase, endless, and induce diabetes.

  Dinner and coronary heart disease will stimulate the liver to produce low-density and very low-density lipoprotein, and excessive blood pressure will be implanted in the arterial wall, which will become another major cause of arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

  Dinner with stones in the urethra.

According to measurements, the peak of urination in the human body is usually 4-5 hours after a meal. If the dinner is too late, the peak of urination is sleeping, and urine remains in the bladder, and urethral stones will form over time.

Therefore, dinner should not be too late, generally around 18 o’clock.

  Dinner and sudden death, coupled with excessive drinking, can easily lead to acute pneumonia and cause people to shock in sleep, even those who are physically strong can also die due to untimely rescue.

If the pot of the biliary tract is incarcerated with stones and the maggots infarct and cause chronic biliary tract infection, it is more likely to cause acute pneumonia and sudden death.

  Dinner and bowel cancer have reduced activity, and there must be a part of the protein that cannot be digested, and a small part of the digestion cannot be absorbed.

These substances are subject to the effects of anaerobic bacteria in the large intestine, and can produce harmful substances such as amidase, ammonia, xylene indole, etc. These toxic products can increase the burden on the liver and kidneys and toxic stimulation to the brain.

Intestinal peristalsis is reduced during sleep, and the time that these substances stay in the intestinal cavity is relatively prolonged, which increases the incidence of colorectal cancer.

  Dinner and high blood pressure will no longer increase the burden on the kidneys, and will cause the blood pressure to rise sharply. In addition, when the blood flow rate is greatly slowed during sleep, a large amount of blood lipids will be deposited on the blood vessel walls, which will cause arteriosclerosis and make people highBlood pressure.

According to scientific experiments, people who eat food regularly for dinner have higher blood lipids by 2 to 3 times than those who eat vegetarian food. People with high blood pressure and obesity are more harmful if they eat food for dinner.