Hypertensive people practice yoga with caution

Hypertensive people practice yoga with caution

Hypertensive patients need to be careful when learning yoga: Yoga has become one of the most popular fitness exercises, but there are not a few patients who suffer from strains or other injuries caused by practicing yoga.

Practicing yoga should be based on your actual situation. Don’t compete and win, so as not to be counterproductive.

  When choosing a fitness venue or other institution that learns yoga movements, first look at its teachers, choose a professional yoga professor venue, and consider your own health before choosing to practice yoga, such as cervical disease, intervertebral disc disease, kneePatients with diseases such as joint complications must not be rushed during practice. For some difficult movements, you must know how to avoid them and conditioners. For example, if you have poor spine literature, try not to do it or slightly do it when practicing some twisting movements.Professional yoga instructors will not force everyone to achieve the same standard for every movement. Because everyone’s own flexibility is different, professional instructors will tell the book “Don’t compare horizontally, as long as you improve, you will improve.A fitness exercise is not a challenge item, even if it is done as a challenge item, then the goal to be challenged can only be yourself, rather than forcing yourself to meet other people’s standards or surpass others.

“High-temperature yoga is not suitable for everyone. High-temperature yoga will make people’s heart beat faster, a lot of water is lost in the body, and patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, as well as patients with hypertension, hypotension, cardiovascular and other diseases, try not to try yoga, especiallyFor high-temperature yoga, if you have to practice yoga moves, you should try to choose some simple movements of normal-temperature yoga. High-temperature yoga must not be tried easily to avoid danger.

  In addition, if people who choose high temperature yoga suffer from diseases, they should properly consult the physician if they can try high temperature yoga before planning next steps. Literatures with poor vertebrae health and patients with intervening joints should also consult first when choosing room temperature yoga.Physician.

  The purpose of practicing yoga is to adjust the body’s endocrine system and immune system to achieve fitness by doing yoga movements and meditation, etc. Yoga helps the practitioners to beautify their body shape, cultivate their own body, and even add weight through other methods.The role, but not all of a sudden, the principle is to adjust the external environment of the body by improving its internal environment, this is a long-term process, and some yoga venues now promote its effects such as fast-acting weight loss, which has no scientific basisPractitioners should not be blindly convinced. One of the reasons why yoga is important is to be calm and not to practice yoga movements with any destination to achieve the desired effect. Practicing yoga movements just to lose weight is also the essence of yoga.Deviate from.