Daquan of health methods for office workers

Daquan of health methods for office workers

Ten years ago, sitting in the office was the most enviable job.

Now, the office family has become a continuous problem group.

Professor Zhang Hude of the Health Department of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine summarized the five most common “office diseases” at present, and proposed the corresponding “workplace health” method.


This is the number one enemy of office workers’ health.

Some people, when they arrive at the office, are like sticking to a chair and want to talk to their neighbors.

Sitting for a long time not only makes cervical spondylosis come to your door, but also chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.

  For example: Every 1 hour, bend over, twist your legs, stretch your arms, turn your neck, rub your face.

If you don’t want to be noticeable, go to the bathroom or wash your face and force yourself to stand up and walk.

You can also do concealed labor, sort some messy items and clean the dust of tables and chairs.

  Overuse your eyes.

“Long-term injury.

Using the eye for too long can cause myopia, blurred vision, dry eyes, and other problems.

Zhang Hude said.

  Solution: The key is to activate blood.

Looking at 5 minutes every hour, it is best to do eye exercises.

You can also rub your palms and put them on your eyes, and do it 5-10 times.

  Dress is uncomfortable.

For the image of the workplace, even in the sun, many men still wear leather shoes.

Women step on seven-inch high-heeled shoes, foot pain, leg pain are commonplace, and will affect mood.

  Reason: Always have a pair of soft, breathable flat shoes in the office, and change them as soon as you enter the office. The shoes can be one size larger than the shoes you usually wear, which is good for blood circulation.

  Eating a diet.

Specifically, breakfast is not eaten, and lunch is okay.

“Office workers” often eat boxed lunches, lack of vegetables and fruits for takeout, and large amounts of oil, which are very detrimental to health.

  Solution: Keep fruits and green tea in the office.

Peach is the most nutritious and can be supplemented as a summer nourishment. You can also drink more green tea. While diuretic, it can also refresh the brain, promote digestion and resist radiation.

In addition, before going to work every day, take a lunch box and pick up washed cucumbers and small tomatoes, which is also a good snack.

  Air conditioning sickness.

Air-conditioned rooms are disease concentration camps.

Too hot in winter and too cold in summer, causing colds, gastrointestinal upset and other symptoms.

Coupled with the lack of negative oxygen ions, which can hurt the brain and lungs, the work efficiency is naturally not high.

  Solution: Find a place where the air conditioner cannot blow, such as a corridor or balcony, open the window, breathe fresh air, and rub your hands and feet by the way.