What are the benefits of eating celery?

What are the benefits of eating celery?

Celery is traditionally a side dish in Europe and the United States, as a table decoration, but in fact its nutritional value cannot be underestimated.

The latest article on the Japanese “MSN” website states that there are five reasons to eat more celery.


Studies have found that celery contains myristyl ether, an organic compound that neutralizes benzopyrene, a carcinogen emitted by cigarette smoke, and can effectively inhibit cancer formation (especially the lungs).


The multiple antioxidant ingredients inside celery pigment luteolin, two spoons of celery contains 16% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C.


Celery parasitic luteolin can enhance human metabolism, and regular consumption can effectively prevent metabolism in the body, such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

  Prevent chronic diseases.

Too much homocysteine in the human body can threaten blood vessel health, and the folic acid contained in celery can convert it into harmless molecules, so eating more celery can prevent cardiovascular diseases such as stroke.

  Strong bones.

Two spoons of celery contain up to 153% RDA standard vitamin K, which is essential for osteocalcin, a strong bone protein synthesis.

At the same time, vitamin K can also prevent calcium from accumulating on the arterial wall, which can help prevent atherosclerosis or other cardiovascular diseases.