When children fall in love with mom’s underwear

When children fall in love with mom’s underwear

The child has been sexually researched since the infant, and the inevitable sexual desire has existed since the infant. Of course, this sexual desire is different from the adult sexual desire.

For example, many children under the age of 1 like to play with their genitals by hand. This is because when they occasionally touch the genitals, they give him a different feeling from touching other parts of the body, and this feeling will make him feel comfortable.
Therefore, it is not surprising that some children are often exposed to local attractions such as women’s clothing or legs, feet, especially their bright colors, shapes, lines, smooth skin or the tactile and visual effects of nylon socks will excite them.
  Then, besides the influence of these acquired environments, are there innate factors?

Why are only a few children showing such curiosity?

  This is a problem that has not yet been clarified, and the medical community cannot yet determine whether the cause is congenital or acquired.

It should be said that most of these children’s performance is natural, without too much intervention, nor can they be punished or scolded, because this will only strengthen this trend and arouse rebellious psychology.

You can take your child to the Department of Sexual Medicine to consult and establish a medical record. In the next few years, observe the development of several years and years.

Because the current behavioral performance is based on childhood psychology, they do not know how to develop according to the sexual needs of adults. After they gradually grow into adults, they will turn this incomplete sexual interest into something that adults should really pay attention to.Go up.

Only a few people cannot complete this transformation, which requires specialized psychotherapy.

  So how do you know these performances of teenage children?

It should be said that they are in the transition or transformation stage. If they can get timely help from doctors, they will develop healthy and perfect sexual desire, otherwise they may have sexual perverts, but even this can be improved, corrected or cured.