Newly married couple ecstasy sex skills

Newly married couple ecstasy sex skills

Learn a lot of sex skills, why not try the following ecstasy sex, use tools to make you crazy!

Sex experts are constantly innovating, whether it’s developing new spanking methods or improving our sexual skills, as long as you can get some tricks out of the original skilled sex skills, and then add some tricks, thenThe new feelings that come will make sex more beautiful.

1. Taste him with frozen sexy panties. If you are still honing your man with ordinary pants, it is really out of date!

If you want to really enjoy the ultimate sex, you can put the flirtatious pants in preparation and throw them into the freezer on the day before the action.

When you need it, gently wrap the frozen cloth around his small egg and slowly move it up and down.

The silky fabric of the pants and the cold feeling of the ice in the freezer will bring unexpected surprises to him.

But remember, when you tease him in this way, your movements must not be too slow, because the heat from the waist below him will make the frozen pants quickly warm.

So when the pants have been restored indoors, you can start using another way to keep the enthusiasm between you burning.

Experts suggest that you can find a wet towel and throw it into the microwave for 15 seconds.

After that, take a warm towel to soften his penis, just as you use his mouth to help him. But the advantage of using a hot towel is to enhance the blood circulation of his groin and make him more excited.

2, nude playful chef combined with food and foreplay is a familiar skill that everyone is familiar with.

If you are full of food on your naked body, it will definitely be more attractive.

Think about what you usually like most about what you paint on you, such as peanut butter with honey, or whipped cream with chocolate sauce.

Think of the part you want to be licked, put a little peanut butter on it (remember not to touch it to the vagina), and then drop the honey on the part of the back of your body.

Tell him to taste a taste first, then go over and enjoy another taste.

In this way, not only can you enjoy the feeling of pleasure and excitement, but he can also taste the good taste of the two flavors.

If you feel that these flavors are not enough, you can continue to increase, whether it is chocolate sauce or whipped cream, I believe you will be able to play with him!

3, massage oil map is good, this trick will feel very irritating in your ears, but you must believe us, because all the men who have tried, are consistent thumbs up, full of praise!

Heat the massage oil first, then use a dropper, or similar tool to pick up some massage oil, slowly draw on his body, write letters, or you can slowly start from his neck until it reaches his hips.Next to the legs, draw a thin line.

Using a dropper and hot oil to draw a thin line will be more comfortable than stimulating your body with a massage of oil on your face.

After playing, how to massage him will follow you!

4, body painting If you want to pursue a little different feelings, you may wish to use a clean brush to scratch the other’s body.

You can take turns with him, using the brush at the opening of the front end of the opponent, the back of the alignment, the top of the feet, or any place where you think he will be itchy.

The top of the brush, after touching the skin, gradually receives a stimulating skin disease message to the brain, making him want more touch and stimulation.

If you feel that a brush is too monotonous, you can also try different sizes of brushes, maybe it will bring more surprises!

5, pearl necklace, whether you believe it or not, the pearl necklace with temperament can also be used as a sex toy!

You can buy a bunch of fake pearl necklaces about thirty-six inches (if you use a real pearl necklace, you won’t be worth the candle).

Wear it on your body first, because the heat of your body can help the beads warm up.

When you are ready to make love, untie the chain, then squeeze a pile of lubricating oil on it, wrap the pearl necklace around his small egg, don’t be too loose, don’t pull too tight, just stick it to his egg.Just fine.

Cross your fingers and put them on his roots. The palms of your hands are just on the left and right sides of his roots.

Next, move your hands up and down, like a wave, heat it up, and then move the string of pearl necklaces at the same time, so that his eggs can be very comfortable.

6, the hair elastic band ultimate use of the secret elastic band can no longer help him maintain the climax, but also can more accurately use this gadget.

Start by looking for six elastic bands that tie the hair, then stack them one by one, put them on his eggs, and then slowly use your lips and tongue to remove them one by one.

In this way, if you remove an elastic band, it will stimulate the roots of him, and the climax of his stay will be more intense.

In addition, the material tied to the elastic band of the hair will have a strange feeling on his side!

7, double cool double refreshing As long as you simply drink a few warm mint tea, you can create a double “good taste” of hot and cold.

After drinking mint tea, when you and his mouth lick each other’s private parts, some of the ones that have just been picked up will have a burning sensation, but once the other party removes the mouth, the place will suddenly become because of the mint relationship.It’s very cool, and it’s really cool to say that it’s hot!

Before he uses his mouth to move up your body, let him drink a mint tea.If the heat is not enough in the process, you can drink a few mouthfuls of mint tea at any time.

He can also use his mouth to blow the skin that has been licked, so that your feeling of refreshment will be more obvious.

After you have played with each other to cool the mint game, let’s have your hot sex.

8, passion French tongue kiss If he can use the technique of tongue kiss in your lower body, then your oral sex will be even better!

Although his skills in oral sex are already in full swing, if he can use his tongue kiss skills to kiss your private parts, then you will feel better, more special, and more comfortable.

He can use his tongue to tease the area near your private part, or you can rotate it from top to bottom to the side you are close to, or you can gently suck the sensitive skin.

9, for your fascination, we have suggested that readers can try to shake your tongue in the oral sex, but some people react to the stimulation that is too strong, sometimes can not stand.

Here’s another way: Find an electric massage stick near his cheek so you can neutralize the intense irritations.

10, the magic letter W When a woman is helping a man blowjob, it is easy to focus on his “general” and ignore other places.

But note that men’s bone basins are waiting for you to develop with millions of blockchains.

You may wish to start from the part where his left thigh meets the groin, and use your tongue to lick his scrotum and testicles. Both of them must be taken care of, and the scrotum’s folds can be slightly thought.

You will find that you are using your tongue to draw a W letter in his parts. The skin on these parts is very thin, so you can give him a double pleasure.

11, the oral sex enhanced version of this trick is actually very simple to do, but very comfortable.

When you help her with his blowjob, put a finger into his mouth, then lick it with the finger of the other hand on his tongue.

Stimulating him with his lips and tongue at the same time is definitely a new feeling for him!

12, when you are entangled in making love, you must be entangled with him.

So you may wish to take sex to the next level and find a very long plastic rope (at least eight inches long enough to wrap around your body) and entangle you with him.

Pick up the rope, fold it in half, and then roll it into a piece by rotating it. Wrap you with his body for two turns with a rope, then make a knot at the waist, so that the two of you are tight.Tied together.

(If you feel that the plastic rope is not comfortable, you can use a flexible Pilates elastic band, or a scarf instead.

Regardless of whether you want to use a missionary position with him, or if you want to ride on a horse, or even face to face, you can’t even separate it with him for a second.

This way can increase your intimacy and add a lot of fun, because you will find that it is really not a simple matter for the two to work together at the same time!