Chinese medicine Yangwei diet therapy

Chinese medicine Yangwei diet therapy

Milk porridge ingredients: 100 grams of rice and 500 grams of milkServe.

Can be eaten directly or with sugar or salt depending on taste.

  Efficacy: nourishing Qi and nourishing stomach and muscles.

  Adaptation: suitable for gastrointestinal disorders of shortness of breath and yin, namely shortness of breath, fatigue, dry mouth, internal heat, and patients with upper digestive tract bleeding

  Ingredients for double fish soup: 100 grams of Maw, 100 grams of Fresh Houttuynia. Preparation method: Soak the Maw for half a day, cut into filaments, add 1500 ml of water, and boil over low heat for about 50 minutes, then add freshHouttuynia cordata can be rolled for 10 minutes.

  Effect: Qingweishengji analgesic.

  Adaptation: Patients with stomach fever, that is, patients who often feel a burning sensation in the stomach, and upper gastrointestinal bleeding caused by heat.

Ingredients for pepper pork belly soup: one fresh pork belly, 15 grams of white pepper Method: Break the pepper, put it in the cleaned pork belly, tie the pork belly with a string, put it in a casserole, and cook it slowly until it is soft,Add seasoning ravioli to the soup, pick up the pork belly, discard the pepper in the belly, and eat the soup.

  Efficacy: Wenzhong Jianpi, and stomach pain.

  Adaptation: Patients with cold stomach, such as those who often have diarrhea due to eating cold food.

  Ingredients for nourishing stomach bergamot porridge: bergamot citrus 10-15 grams, previous rice 50-100 gram, rock sugar moderation method: remove bergamot decoction, add rice, and boil sugar syrup to make porridge.

  Adaptation: Patients with liver stagnation and bloating.

  Cordyceps lily duck hot ingredients: 3 grams of Cordyceps sinensis, 25 grams of lily, 100 grams of duck meat Method: first stew duck meat for 30 minutes, then add Cordyceps sinensis, lily for 20 minutes, season soup and eat Cordyceps and duck meat.
  Efficacy: strengthen the spleen and stomach, and nourish the lungs and kidneys.

  Adaptation: Patients with weak spleen and stomach, insufficient lungs and kidneys, and weak vitality.