Summer refreshing battles

Summer refreshing battles

Along with the enthusiastic and hot sun, the summer air is always surging with strong vitality and various rhythmic factors that stimulate imagination.

In such a season exuding infinite charm, men need to maintain their perfect image all the time.

  Whether it’s brainstorming in the brainstorming room, sweating in the gym, chatting and laughing at a staggered lawn reception, or lying in the wild tent overlooking the starry sky, you need a refreshing dashboard to set off your sunny smile and become a summerThe most charming urban sportsman in the day.

How to become a “Summer Sportsman” with both internal and external training?

You can find the answer through the three battles listed below.

  Say goodbye to being shiny, and doing all-weather summer sportsman summer is the favorite season of “Mr. Sports”.

A passionate collision on the basketball court, rushing left and right on the football field, and the tennis court rushing all over the court. While sweating, the drainage of the “face problem” is also generated by the “oil”-using the sweat togetherFrom time to time, a gentleman becomes a frowning “big flower face”, especially when you wipe the sweat off with the palm of your hand, the kind of sticky feel is not what “sportsman” does.And if your beard is not completely shaved, sweat and oil are hidden in the residue, it will be more likely to cause various skin inflammations.

  To solve the problem of summer shine, you need to choose a cleansing product that suits you, do daily thorough cleansing, and then supplement it with the appropriate oil control products. However, before these two steps, you need to make a primerThe basic work-a perfect, delicate shaving process.

Fresh and clean skin is the key to completely solving the problem of summer shine. You do not prevent replacing the Philips SensoTouch 3D series shavers. Its unique elastic veneer system automatically adjusts the shaving angle and arc according to the contour of your face.The line cutter head is integrated with the edge of the streamline to reduce the friction between the razor and the face, thereby effectively reducing skin irritation. At the same time, the mesh slot is aimed at the long beard, the gap is captured in the gap, and the round hole is positioned to short the beard.

Three circles combined, taking into account the length and length, and not leaking, making each morning shaving more effective, more thorough, cleaner and smoother.

Stepping out of the door, the sun was black.

  In the choice of taste, the big star summer in the suitcase is also the most active season for the “backpack family”.

“Modern Xu Xia Ke” who loves to travel to see the sea, go to high places, explore the valley, and find the balance between “born” and “entered the world” in close contact with nature.

So, a realistic question is in front of travellers-how to put the most carefully selected daily necessities in limited travel bags and suitcases?

  For men, shaving equipment is naturally an indispensable standard.

Taking into account the limitation of water conditions during arrival and the very different sanitary conditions, a Philips SensoTouch 3D series shaver with wet and dry double shaving technology can meet your small shaving requirements on the road-bothAllows you to enjoy comfortable and clean dry shaving. It can also be used with shaving foam or shaving cream to let you perform fresh and clean wet shaving.

More importantly, Philips’ outstanding modern product design technology has made this shaver in the bag a perfect private collection that reflects personal taste.

Perfectly ergonomically streamlined body, combined with futuristic high-tech color matching, can make your travel companion secretly envy the original “big star” hidden in your backpack.

  Vipassana journey, summer spiritual training Summer is the season with the most energy in the year.

Whether it ‘s a weekend party or an open-air concert, whether it ‘s a World Cup battle or a romantic intimacy on summer nights, in this season of extroverted constitutional hotspots, real urban men should start their “inner journey” from time to time.In the hustle and bustle of earthly life, give yourself a spiritual training, find the balance point of life, use the inner coolness and calmness, and dispel the irritability and temptation brought by the sun of polysaccharides.

  The purpose of this “Vipassana Journey” is to have a three-dimensional life composed of career coordinates, family coordinates and personal coordinates.

In the face of career courage and creativity, in the face of the human body, and in the face of outstanding life taste, as long as you advocate a healthy and comfortable high-quality life, continuously improve yourself and pay attention to the surroundings, you can also find your own three-dimensionalBalance point in life, be a 3D man defined by yourself.

Just like the recently launched SensoTouch 3D series from Philips, with a perfect shaving process as the cornerstone of daily life, you can show your personal edge more confidently.