[Is black coffee American coffee]_ making method _ Daquan

[Is black coffee American coffee]_ making method _ Daquan

Coffee is becoming more common and more and more recognized. Many people could not accept the bitterness of coffee before, and began to add milk and sugar to the coffee. Later, they became more and more fond of the aroma of bitterness and gradually liked black coffee.

Many people are curious whether black coffee is American coffee. American coffee is a very ordinary coffee, and it is very easy to handle black coffee.

This article introduces the practice of American coffee, let’s take a look.

Is American coffee black? American coffee (English: Americano, expected: Caffè Americano) is one of the most common types of coffee.

It is made from black coffee using a drip coffee maker, or it is made by adding a large amount of water to an espresso.

American coffee tastes lighter.

Because the general extraction time is relatively relative (about four or five minutes), the caffeine content is high.

American coffee was born After World War II, American soldiers came to Southern Europe. They could not drink espresso, so they used warm water instead.

Because they can only accept it at such a concentration, people call them American coffee.

The practice of American coffee American coffee is made of black coffee using a drip coffee maker, or it is made by adding a lot of water to espresso.

When it comes to making it, it’s most convenient, fast, and easy to cook. It can be light, sweet and refreshing.

The method of making American coffee is relatively simple, and introduces several methods: One of American hot coffee: 1. Use a kitchen scale to measure 20 grams of coffee beans, which is about the amount of 5 cups of coffee.

2. Put the coffee beans in the del mill, click the power button above, and the machine will run. The coffee can be ground into coffee powder within half a minute. 3. American coffee powder, don’t make it too delicate.

4. Put the ground coffee in the filter in the coffee machine, add the appropriate water to the water tank of the coffee machine, there is a scale mark on the water tank, start the coffee after power on, and the pure coffee will be filtered into the coffee pot below within a few minutes.After 5, pour a cup of hot coffee from the pot, you can put a cube of sugar.

American hot coffee two: 1, extract 1 ounce of espresso.

(Generally coffee beans are used.

Pure coffee beans are also available, but there are all kinds of coffee with so-called origin names.

) 2. Heat water to full cup.

3, with milk balls and sugar bag produced.

American cold coffee method one: 1, the cup is filled with ice eight cents, add a packet of sugar, extract espresso 1 and extract.

2. Heat water to full cup.

3. Add milk balls.

American cold coffee method two: 1, the cup is filled with ice eight cents, add a packet of sugar and instant coffee.

2. Heat water to full cup and stir well.

3. Add milk balls.